Soul Hobby

Songs and Music by Rickey Mattos and 2F


from the top of a ridge lean a candle over the edge  shine it across the face of the cliff and bend a light leap  woo who  hop on the twice good grace of whatever may happen sailing willy nilly in the twinkling light leap  woo who  some thing must seem as it might  a cool sightseer has calm advice  ride wings on winds that harness light  open your eye and take a chance  get out and answer to never return to the hole  feel the spirit in the mist behind a waterfall  see the mother of pearl flaring the light leap  woo who  meet me on the rhythmic beat running against time  on a tour guided flight step your feet into the light leap  woo who  get out and be free tonight  navigate a sun ray and share the light  all things seem as it might  harness the light  get out alive  get out of the hole on your own  light a candle and bend it over your soul  ride wings on winds of light  get out alive  get out of the hole on your own  hole  woo who

see ashore  you and i are waves of the ocean  glowing blue swells rolling emotion of the ocean  joining geometric bumping equal planes of motion  swirling seventeen and infinity soothing sides  see ashore  you and i are waves of the ocean  surging weather tides create a relaxing rise bringing high stairs climbing atop coral  parachutes rush the front line  feeling gliders slowly reaching our glassy tube launching smooth curls spray  a hardy blast surrounding an echo mixing fair minded flows  curving and merging crossing resolution  appearing extreme and crashing between sand  sing once more with the rain from a storm of poor girl’s tears  flow into the river overflowing hope to someday return in the stream assisting spinner dolphins playing and adoring to see ashore  discovery  you and i are waves  you and i are waves of the ocean

you should be by my side  i guess i could have told you hold our strings end and fly  bindings unravel until ends in hands  i guess i should have shown the tenacity and unwind our spun entanglement  i’ll unravel everything everywhere  hold our strings ends and fall again saying bop bop a loo do bop bop a loo do bop bop bop bop bop bop ba da da do do do do oh bop a loo do  a cinder cone blows a molten pattern in the sky  some run in fear while others risk their eye  some drop and hug the ground while others bend with the ride  unwinding our string  send love on the line  kiss me from your mind  smoke and colorless sky deepens stank burnt bark  some cover their mouths while others write messages in the dust  sirens warn and scare  the sacred crumble from premonitions of destruction while others seek cleansing  the shock rumbles oceans sending waves to distant lands  waters rise on coasts as boulders fly and scatter ghosts  highs and lows collide above as god rains tears on good and bad  lightning bolts strike the sad  thunder  the dam buckles loose rushing its fury through the valley  many yell the end is here as the toll keeper hangs an electric blinking sign of peace  atmosphere opens a vacuum and sucks the seas surge  music fills ears  wow

through dawn  through dawn exhaling the nights yawn  in my quite room visit through illusions  release a buds bloom of rigid lines  go  hold on tight and know when to let go  vanish in brightness and know admirable ideals  frantically align consciousness  frantically align  place a buzz kill  as desires loosely inspire vanishing in flight  missing darkness  excusing showers visioning a trace of light  vanishing in flight visioning a trace of light  know when to let go  go  buds bloom from wrapping arms  let me know  hold on tight and know when to let go  go  let go  go  i’m loosing my identity  i’m loosing my identity  let go  go  it is time to cruise

escape the cage  rewrite destiny  embrace rarity  flee the trap  history  saunter through the door in spatial awareness venture  abide by the tigers rule: hold the key  move continually  use stealth sleekness  hide with no misery  unshackle and release locked memory  set free mystery  easily question reality answering why  body faster and smart  the strongest of any find  every kind loose grateful run loudly sounding trumpeting of stride  forget through the cat’s eye  in every instance cool cats always glide  meek mice slide away with pride  set free lost the key watching a horrid stone aflame send the tiger into sky  heart pain love in her eye  bitten so young  beyond the bitter tongue of greedy fun lost in the sun  and the elephant said  remember this song before my time is gone  sung by deeper breaths  a sigh goodbye  i don’t know why  blundering idiots

as the story goes  the wolf in sheep’s clothing wears a spangled crest crowned with half the wealth of the world while carrier pidgins preach tough luck on your wild goose chase in the knotted forest of verbal intercourse  roll the stone just a little more and keep the wolf from the door  queens and kings clip the wings of labor making blue and white collar workers loiter for a job in the castle  the homeless mayor leads families with their tents and broken cars to the shore line of hassle  roll the stone just a little more  roll the stone  hiding in then to when as a perfect conspiracy like dropping a bucket into an empty well of clouded perception  the best guess blows an ignorant whistle playing first fiddle with the riddle hidden in a funny joke laughing over the resistant wish  roll the stone just a little more and throw the dog a bone  what makes the rubber hit the ground is the engine that makes the sound  on a fine line between doing something now and nothing at all the thief wears the crown  what if somebody knew about you and told everybody “the pyramid scam is the father to the thought”  law abiding superiors’ take the cake commanding “just do as you are told if you do not roll the stone”

connecting memory that is airy witty and orderly is peaceably encompassing harmony  all indecisively striving for balancing tranquility  any method sounds pleasingly  merge into rhythm  progress into melody  tie your chords intently with harmony  rhythm  melody and harmony  rhythms sanity encompasses melody  two or more intuitively symmetrically joining with harmony  there are three moving souls of unity  rhythm  melody and harmony bring each expression in vast succession while paralleling easily dependently surrounding rhythms adventuring into emotional predictability  and suggesting irregularities  brings on potential jeopardy  so, combine us please  merge into rhythm  progress into melody  tie your chords intently with harmony  sounds of unity with harmony

keep things simple  make it easier  look into transformation  intensifying magic moments nicely ricocheting combing waves wildly  movement flow  series of sequencing nicely everywhere  nicely pulsating lovingly loving you here in the moons rays  raise your head  your true heart  you are true  beautifully verifying loving you in the moon  it’s the moon revelry

this morning i woke up alone  feeling tired without you  out my window feeling blue  feel there’s nothing i can do  i went to call you on the phone but the music kept playing through my mind  knowing we had lost the time  we were so unkind  we’re going down  my mirror’s a frown  it’s time to ground  dependent on your early tone  the eggs i fried were scrambled  like what we gave was jambled and what we tried to save  down  my mirror’s a frown  it’s time to ground  this morning i woke up alone feeling tired without you  out my window feeling blue  feel there’s nothing i can do  i feel there’s noting i can do

do you dance?  do you spin through air?  do you prance?  do you swirl and lead the trail of your spin?  in my tail of travesty your frills are light  send me right to your door  separate my bad memories of crying in the dark  see this one  i beg you  don’t ever leave  do you dance?  do you spin through air?  do you swirl and spin a departed trail we share?  suspended emotion  reach out and touch me  kiss me  kiss me  i’ll soar with you  hold everything  you are altering my mind  surrounded in your energy your twirls propel suspension of time  won’t you stop and straighten out lies in my life  enter my life

under sky into air  rainbows shine over surf pounding salt  afternoon clouds blow in breeze calling her children home  rolling fog and water falls run off green rock and giant ferns filling the pond in the valley above the dancing city  papa tells an old story about his daddy the ocean and the land  elders lifting stones forgive the king tumbling in the waves as a baby in grandmother’s arms on her beaches and bays  out into the sunset through the back door  going with her home

slide right  slide left  use an umbrella in the rain  walk an ant trail  go on a date to a bunny hop  watch a tap dance  have a ball  slide right  slide left  wear a yellow jacket  make a wish  hang in there  hang up  step up  be a wise ass  slide right  bang a hum drum  slide right  watch a storm drain  slide left  shoot the breeze and eat finger food  become a star  hold an even keel  hold your hands on the steering wheel and slide left

hold true to habits of youth in honesty’s plan  hasten the future  travel fast  cast fears away  oh, dream babe  gentle and tender  buttering up ever wonderfully  learned compassion of innocence  oh, taking the chance  and love truly  love pointedly  love now  oh, dream babe  clears the mess if hugging brings joy and gratitude in attitude is normally best  rampant decrees, conversational ease seek in to please  stray maturity  dream babe  oh, hasten the future  have a barrel of chocolate candies  sip on a red dry wine  paint the view rich with blue and night stars  watch the whales and the thundering surf breaking five to eight  dive in  water rushes the skin  tastes like cheery pie with a perfect crust of graham  headlines  billionaire mixes joy on now  so long before feels like paradise  sounds perfect  intellectually waste away moments of fantasy  oh my dream babe  in now  oh, in now  oh, in now  oh, in now  oh yah  today is the chance  learned compassion taking the chance  make romance  love truly  love pointedly now  love now  love now  love now oh yah  a calls weird ring  so long to after  again and again in now  so long before  so long to after  on a cloud numbered 9 my dream babe consciously contemplating correct charismatic complications

with all my might  look at the glass  thrill and bull the dull lull  go for it  get lucky  persistence comes through  make it truth  so, never say never  never blue  lie  never blue  blue over you  smiles repeating optimistic affirmations' my style and never say never  never say never  never say never  never blue  never blue  blue over you  go with you  or a fool stubborn as a mule to never say never  soul  balance the light blue  measure the light blue  blue

call jybe  no lights  well lit with an astronomer’s discovery  the big luminance sky is everywhere  stars transmit clean pure pleasing energy to 1,2,3,4,5,6 senses  positive i know what i like  i like it like i like it  i like i like it  i like it like i like it  nice night to hang out in jybe  check out the new art  a blink away and out of site is the urban city of tree with fluent reflective excitement  her ore’s are replenished with earth’s own creation  peace was is and will be here  taken in by the eye one of an infinite amount of stuff equally understood  ha  it is jybe  humane are fresh  any flavor or color  good to each other  so correct sweet tart fruity juicy  beautifully admirable earth was relieved at the discovery flourishing clean air and pure water creating the evolution of human to humane  tree is a huge metropolitan and mining megalopolis

they were counting their shielding  starting for the trail  staking lives making lives trade lives and ail  fighting in corners they fought loosing instead  too cool for the boiler man screaming off with his head  mr. blister  his infantry guarded but frail  fantasized being king  doubted he'd fail  it’s the battle of oil to his subjects he said but was really a lady's love he fought for instead  the bishnueice of opec now stifling his sound caused the wounding of blister's pawn just at sundown  terror of cavalries started the scare as flying red armaments streaked into air  the yellow rose princess now stooped in her chair  searing swats scraping her lair  extending her finger in flagrant despair with blasphemous concubines’ corporate affairs  the boiler man's ringing the ruins charade  mr. blister croons dashingly  pulsing his pain  the bishnueice plucking parasites theatrical parade  the yellow rose princess reeking disdain  in an instant the malady phony it sighed with visionary militants starting to cry

flying  rise and speak of leaves  individuals together sharing secret thoughts and emotions  spontaneously surreal  give new light  never arrive  no ends to a living story  this is a living sanctuary  flying hopes infant view  flying is where we want to go  lord flying the wave of streaming molten stones

hanging with pals telling tall tales  antics and laughter  joking and talking  happy sunny or rainy  hot or cold  ocean or snow  coast or mountain happy could be in a car  in a train  in a plane or in the backyard  happy time has no measure  a wonderful land  good looking women  pretty flowers and fresh avocado  happy old news entertaining cognition igniting a flame  i’m happy  are you happy too?  you can be happy

all the lovely people on the beach today trying to duck and hide from the rain

high stepping the pull  shifting in the sand  licking salty skin  the moon lighting the warm air  shifting in glassy smooth morning lapping  the mood rolling

attach the wood and glide the soft sparkling diamonds in the ground  scream out loud for the mountain  screaming for the mountain agape and capturing the water quenching thirst for the crystals  peering through the evergreens  gripping the snow winter

driving to climb the mountain in the cold  gentle wind and heavy rain clearing my brain  little towns along a winding road hunkered down for the storm  fires in homes warm hearts  invigorating charm is sensationalizing flakes drifting, floating and sinking  gently touching faces  winters snow

only in my thoughts are you here  only in my memory with my heart i can feel  heart and feel are the same  on my skin you are near  i can hear you talking  scramble gets the intent and seasonal leaves fall  the voice in the distance contains the call  its powers over reasoning  a broken arrow in my heart  only in my  thoughts are you here  only in my memory with my heart i can feel  heart and feel are the same  on my skin you are near  i can hear you talking  a broken arrow in my heart  every ounce of energy  listen  on my skin i can feel  i can feel you baby  i can feel you right now  the voice in the distance contains the call  it powers over reasoning a broken arrow in my heart  decrepit wolf cried save me  mangy cat leaped with flesh in its claws  moon warmed the sky with her lights  another bandit clutched my wife  get in the car and listen  get in now

the club’s not open today  they’re up at the brown-nosing lair  strategizing the affair  come buy the message and play  either side's willing  confusing me and swindling the dared  the airheads got nothing to say  winning means shaving his hair  the message releases delay and fat cats not able to pay  from the simply trickle up-tee-dee  somebody open the club  strategizing mesmerizing affair  airheads sacrificing the self to the dare  you have something in my hair

traffic jams and intense drivers toiling awash in the tension seeking the unwinding nowhere and concise  somebody take my hand  you should hold me  lean in coo in my ear  familiar pessimism  everything information overload  can you hold on?  stay near?  when are you going to visit?  will I travel the back road?  is everything falling into play?  are you fluttering in space?  is the butterfly festive today?  are you coming to see me again?  will you never leave?  will you place your heart in my hand?

watching her leap into air  kind of like happiness on the sidewalk in front of a busy hotel  smiling fully  the heroine marching  pointing in self direction homeward  noise filling the air  horns blaring commerce greetings in the u.s.a.  skipping through the walking  the road beacon signals homeward  home  60 wounded  terror  fight the terror  terror for terror  for terror  for terror  60 wounded 20 dead  brothers in war  twelve twenty one oh four  lifting her powerful fist into air while envisioning friends and hoping they too will return marching homeward alive and well  people of any faith  victory bow our heads in prayer  return to the falling and lifting the souls when johnny comes marching home lifting the souls

In production and coming soon:

  • External link opens in new tab or windowLive Acoustic Guitar Recording, 7 new songs (live recording, September 27, 2012, rough, 60MB)  If There’s A Will, Then There’s A Way/Fall In Love Again/Make Up/Main Street/Ballad Of My Brothers/remake/Dancing In The Wind/Paula’s Song

  • Shadow  (2024)

Know very well

With love each day

Hold memories as early mornings begin

And through every evening

Shadow my life

Breeze flows through with ease

In this warm nights

Be cool

Drift free in the sky

Considering everything

Have peace and please feel new

Awake and hold the offering

In clear atmosphere

I found the gift you left for me and brought it here

Black hair and Green eyes

Shine in the future

On your way

Slow down and hear what I say

There was all the time we thought

We would always be together

Not missing out in this void

Now you are my Shadow

with funny Joy

You do love me

I do love you

There is what you are

Teasing me

Always on the hunt

Shadow and roll

Relaxing spy

You do love me

I do love you

  • Kailua  (2024)

Why ask why

Why can’t we teach

To learn to live in peace?

It appears simple to see

Yet another stupid response

Never in a million years

Like being in outer space with no landing place


My home town is not the same

Most Sand is gone

Replaced by tourists

all over her coasts

When in her ocean

Remember what we have seen

Where there are fish

There are sharks, eels and coral

On shores

The waves may crush you

Or take you out to sea

Swim for your life if you can

Maybe the lifeguard is there

But beware

Lookout for the fish and the fin

You may be rescued today

Family throughout and beyond these islands remember

Gentle peace

Many went a long time ago

Families that changed their names for someones other God

Though strong and fair

Sharing people say

It's not the same today

Why can't we stay?

Sometimes I think I don’t belong in my home town

Is this where I should be?

And Kupuna

Can I say what they deserve?

History of all that existed before

Everything that was taken away by the liars and global selfish elitist

Christopher Columbus had something in common with Captain Cook

Christopher Columbus had something in common with Captain Cook

The anarchy destroyed the monarchy

Took the land

Guns for the king

Lead to guns pointed at the queen

Destroyed the land

This is not the same town I used to know

And that is why the time is now


If there’s a will
Then there’s a way

Do more to avoid another mistake on my watch
Build a fortress in a day

Pretend a powerful force protects those I love 

Work through doubt
Test the thought

Make sure there is nothing to be afraid of
Bad doesn’t matter
Good always prevails 

If there’s a will
Then there’s a way 

Surrender to faith

It is fate
Move along

If there’s a will
Then there’s a way

Hear the galloping and stomping some distance away


Standing two stories high
Poised on a hill

Overcome fear
Grasp the wooden rod

And whip the wind around the mountain

Get a grip
Fly the horse by its white and gray long mane
Wearing somebody’s chain
A beautiful sight
If only tame

Laughing aloud is pretty petty pity for the man I used to be
Waiting in the rain and freezing wind
Playing songs from summer
Singing fall in love again

Forgetting another part of the present
At last
I send you this letter
After your lifelong quest
You will return and find me as the man I used to be

When the day begins tomorrow
And rains of winter bring spring flowers
Once again
I’ll lay in a cloud
In the forever end of forgotten storms

Once again
I lay in a cloud
Always in love

When you are gone
I become the man I used to be
Miss you baby

Sun rose
Hands froze
Bound in hidden words she would not say

In her sleep
It hurt deep

With no such thing as luck
His thoughts are sad
Did she say something cruel?

She said
You are a coward
Broke your promise
To try and free your heart

She wants to be loved
And make up
Like it never happened

She lit the darkness that hides her true love 
She wants to be loved

That’s just a part of the bliss
By hidden words she will not say

That’s just a part
Of the sadness

I always have to waitBecause i do love you
I pray we stay in any other place
And have a better life

I'll get another job
And you can be an artist on the corner of 2nd and Main Street

Love me
To love you
Love you
To love me
I love you

This young man
Ran very fast
Climbed the gate
And arrived

You are late for a date
And I just wait
On the corner of 2nd and Main Street

No matter how long
I'm going to make it big someday
Enjoying living with you

Love birds
On the corner of 2nd and Main Street
Where everybody meets at noon for temptations
It's almost to much for me

Love me
To love you
Love you
To love me
I love you

This young man
Ran very fast
Climbed the gate
And arrived

You are late for a date
And I just wait
On the corner of 2nd and Main Street

We could be
On Main Street
On Main Street

I always have to wait
For everything to fall into place

It's almost to much for me

I don’t want to play with you
Torture for false incrimination left me paranoid
Why do you think I stay away?

You tell me what to do
Tell me what I think
Every time you snap your fingers
I jump
You better shut your mouth
I got no tolerance
I cannot trust you
wa ha ah
I cannot trust you

I try to stay
Rise up from my knees
But bad memories have sad feelings

When you are bossing me around
I write my will
Settle it now
I’m not a victim
I block and don’t get hit

Prepare for the rain
I was born in the rain
Raised and beat on the way

You tell me what to do
Tell me what I think
Every time you snap your fingers
I jump
You better shut your mouth
I got no tolerance
I cannot trust you
wa ha ah
I cannot trust you

Only God throws the lighting strike
The storm is in me
I was born in the rain
Raised and beat on the way
Prepare for the rain
The left is just a jab
Watch out!
That’s what's right

I saw you dancing in the wind
Raising your violin

High within the storm
Riding the waves of tones

I saw endless dancing in the wind

Everyone playing along
Or reveling in its flow
Continuously sharing
Eternal time

Feeling the energy
Giving to me everything
With the sounds
Of the winds tones 

Fascinating arrival
Everybody shaded clear and bright
Being a part of the winds tones

I saw endless dancing in the wind

Dancing in the wind

Being a part of the winds tones
Dancing in the wind

Letting me see all of you

Are the songs thrown away?
Did they know to always remain?
Is there passion held within them?
Can what passed be the only way?

Is love somewhere beyond before?

Can a true heart find love?

Did its music give the dance?

Is the answer simple? 
Can the answer emerge,
Can I ask,

is love forever?

Is love forever?
Is it the crying heart?
Why does the heart hurt?
Why does the heart fill the self?
Is love a color?
Does love stay blue?
Can the blue depart and free the heart?

Can the color of love come into the heart?

Is the color of love entering the heart?

Can a true heart find love?

Is love a color?
Is pink the color of love?

While crowds burn mischievous writings on rebellious stones with calm along the way

Turning over and over and over
While the maid hung clothing in the alley and began to sway

Washing air pays off a pure jewel baby

I sure love you baby
I sure love you all the time
I sure love you baby
I sure love you in my rhyme

Waiters’ hands applaud shining shoes for gas baked in a silly glaze
Domestic butlers busted for etching dirty words
Get a pass meeting the messenger teaching gossip  saying a. o. k.
  It doesn’t matter baby

I sure love you baby
I sure love you all the time
I sure love you baby
I sure love you in my rhyme

Take it slowly baby
I always end up right back here in this beginning
Repeating to myself in a moment dazed when fallen actors realize good passions destiny
On the bay
On the bay, baby on the bay, baby

I sure love you baby
I sure love you all the time
I sure love you baby
I sure love you in my rhyme

Drop a hat until further notice
When radicalized characters tip the jar
Spilling ancient solutions
Thinking far into the future
Kissing you on the lips baby

Walk around this town
Crazy like a clown
With a phony crown
This song is not about you
It’s all that’s left of me
Woe oh oh oh

Just believe
Maybe sometime you could be
Considering the possible and probable
It’s not going to get to me
Woe oh oh oh

I’ve been on my own
For so long
Didn’t have anyone I could count on

Indecisive soon
Is soon unknown anywhere
Because of Jesus
Maybe I haven’t been alone at all
Woe oh oh oh

In between
Usually has options
For better selves
With no regrets
It’s what’s left of me
Woe oh oh oh

Are you listening
I made my mistakes
I can’t forget the things I am ashamed of
It’s not going to get to me
Woe oh oh oh

Formulating pathways towards people I want to see
I have no secrets
A woman once told me
I wear my emotions on my sleeve
Woe oh oh oh

I’ve been in love
Mostly in trouble
No regrets
Now I am on my own again
Smoking weed
And drinking to much beer
Woe oh oh oh

Even returning
I ain’t no big deal
I accept who I am
It’s what’s left of me

You got a name for me
Woe oh oh oh

I am
Regular folk

Woe oh oh oh
Regular Joe

Woe oh oh oh
Guy next door

One of the working people

Woe oh oh oh

Average American

Regular American

  Normal American

Working man

We are so much more

I guess those saying these things

  Think they are better

Worked hard

But Couldn’t make enough money and was told twice by the big boss

"If you don't like it,

I turned my back and left

I am not rich

So you blame me if you are not blaming someone else


Even in your dreams

Trying to make me guilty

Looking at who you are

As I am innocent

Having not done the things you claim

I backed into a bus
Stayed inside at every stop
I knew I could not stay
I went the other way

With my back to O’ahu

I thought

I may not look
And then

Another negative

I got a car

And left for the snow

Freeways and highways leading to anywhere I could want to go

To Wisconsin
Stop In Idaho
Visit Montana
Where the natives died
South Dakota forest of dead  trees

Skim through Minnesota
Then west through the desert of rout 66

I don't want to count my bridges

Before they pass
I could return

For sunshine
The only place I know I belong
Back to O’ahu

I am going home
Back to O’ahu
Back on O’ahu
The crowded Island
Hope you don’t mind
Hope it doesn’t take 33 years

The gypsy on the levee
is always in me
Gypsy on the levee
is always within reach

No money
Only time
And only in love with red wine and whiskey

Leaving or staying
Not paying for living

Face in the rain as the river roars

nothing lasts forever
but the sun and the sea

The gypsy on the levee
is always in me
Gypsy on the levee
I'll see you on the beach

Everyone’s sleazy
The newspaper said
Nobody’s ceasing
Grieving instead

Politically crazy
The newspapers read

Crumbling money
Black and then red
Drastically weeping
Grumbling in others beds

Timidly tearing it up
The newspapers read

Way out of head
Gone out of head
Lost their heads

Children will follow
Learning all they are fed
Mistakenly missing love
It never said

What is the truth
The newspapers read

People poorly teach
The newspapers read

Peace is in our heads
Show peace instead in all our heads

On my way to 21
All the change was mine
I crossed the line
Broke the strong bind

You are at my door
And the knobs turned more

I see past 21
With change at last I find
I’m over you

  • Don’t Make A Right

two wrongs don’t make a right  two rights don’t make a wrong

  • Starring In A Movie
  • God Sings In Any Key
  • Body Surfing
  • Music Is The Language Of God

All songs written by Rickey Mattos. “Thief” by Rickey and Jacob Mattos. "Revelations" by Rickey Mattos and Stephan Opedal. "Cry" by Rickey Mattos, Stephan Opedal and a friend.  All songs, lyrics and performance above are the property of Rickey Mattos.

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Love and Peace

"What's Love"

From the album by Clifford Mattos:

come and take a ride with me  let’s join with people everywhere  we’ll go to places we’ve never been before  it’s about time to take a dare  i’ve been thinking about myself forgetting someone else  how about you  come on we can play all day going on our merry way  let’s live life without a care in the world  it’s about time to take a dare  i’ve been thinking about myself forgetting someone else  how about you  if you like we can have some fun  let’s go out and tell everyone there is something we can share out there it’s about time to take a dare

Song and album, written by Clifford A. Mattos  Guitar and Vocals: Clifford A. Mattos  Bass: David Pszyk  Drums: Jose L. Ortiz  Guitar and Studio Production: Joe Sturdivant of Digital Audio Services, Maui  “Dare” How About You, and the Album Cliff’s/ What’s Love copyright Clifford A. Mattos Contact Cliff to buy his CD at: Cliff’s/ What’s Love   P.O. Box 1363   Haiku, HI 96708